“She’s an angel on Earth!”
– Allie | Columbus, Ohio

“I don’t understand her connection with God, but it’s a gift.  I hope someday I’ll have even a quarter of that!”
– Michael | Beeville, Texas

“Oh my gosh! What a gift Trish has. I have not felt this good in years.  What she said would happen and actually did in every aspect.  The energy coming out of me was over the top and I haven’t had that much fun in so long. I took time out, journaled, went to yoga, keeping in mind all that I could remember she had said to me.  I felt so at peace in a way that I haven’t felt since my Mom passed away 3 years ago.  Trish helped rekindle something in me that I had been missing and I am incredibly grateful.”
– Peggy | Cincinnati, Ohio

“Trish is a very warm and compassionate intuitive. She gives guided advice on how to positively change the energy patterns around yourself. Trish was able to connect to my main angel and was able to hit on many changes that were about to occur.  Which they DID!!. I would recommend Trish to anyone who needs direction.”
– Matt | Toledo, Ohio