Seeing Auras

Scientists describe an “Aura” as an energy field surrounding a living creature. Auras are often seen around trees, plants, animals and people. Auras reflect what the person is feeling and experiencing.


Seeing Auras.

Sometimes it’s difficult just seeing the street sign or reading a text message, and now I’m adding an aura! It’s actually easier than you realize. Think about times when you’ve experienced having a “sense” about someone. You realized they were in a bad mood before they even opened their mouth or you knew that girl had the “pregnant glow.” You’ve tapped in to their aura!

Sensing an aura is a great first step. Feel confident in your abilities. Next, look for color around the person’s shoulders and head. Allow your vision to look slightly fuzzy. (I squint some to have my vision blurry.) Relax. As you begin to see a whispy color, don’t question or doubt what you’re seeing. (Hint – it’s eaier to see with a solid, white background) Stay patient and keep trying! You’ll see it!

Colors will frequently coincide with a chakra – centers in our bodies which energy flows. The diagram below connects the color and meaning. Colors change around the person depending on what they’re going through. Colors around animals will shift too. Trees and flowers usually maintain the same color.


You can discover your own by looking into a mirror. Lowering the lights may make it happen sooner. Keep trying! You will soon be in awe over your own spectacular glow!
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to share your success!


Animal Totems

“Animals are not only beholders of great beauty, but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom,” Molly Friedenfeld.


I always imagined “animal totem” meant just a totem pole with carved animals. Then I learned about messages, signs and subtle encouragement that we are given. It started with pennies and feathers. Then, I began to notice animals. Animals that would suddenly be in my yard, at the side of the grassy area running in the road or the bird always watching. I became concerned when I noticed rabbits. Rabbits were everywhere! Not only in my yard, but in advertisements, discussions or on tv. I was becoming worried that I was the Pied Piper of bunny rabbits!

The really cool thing was, at the time the bunnies seemed to be everywhere, I had been praying fervently to God regarding my diagnosis of infertility. I wish I had understood messages at that time. I would have relaxed, thanked God for the sign and celebrated.d9949f_1979c89aaf7343099b6af883bced3f9c

“When an animal shows up in an uncommon way or repetitively, that animal isn’t just the single animal, but is representing the spirit of the entire species,” said Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D. author of Animal Spirit Guides. The energy of Rabbit is fertility, rapid progress and growth, optimism and pregnancy and childbirth just to name a few! “Call on Rabbit when you want to have a baby, but there have been some challenges as you’ve strived to do so,” said Farmer.


Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, said, “Rabbit can show you how to recognize the signs around you. It can help you to attune to the lunar cycle and recognize the tides of movement within your life. This in turn will enable you to become even more fertile in your life.”

I really believe God was sending me the messages of Rabbit energy to say, “Have faith! Fertility is yours! And, Don’t Worry, Be hoppy!”

God’s signs were right on! I had six children after all the Rabbit signs.


Don’t miss out on the signs being delivered through animals, angels or other mysterious ways!

“Totem is any natural object, animal or being to whose phenomena and energy you feel closely associated with during your life,” says Andrews. “Their energies can be used to help you heal, inspire and grow.”

What animals, signs or numbers are you seeing and are you paying attention to their messages?

Prosper Where You Are Planted…but what if it’s rocky, dark and bleak?


Sometimes conditions just don’t look great for prosperity. Huge debt, a horrible relationship or just finding yourself hanging in a pit. How can you prosper there? You can! And now’s the time to act. September is National Prosper Where You Are Planted Month

Remember your original soil. Not just the appearance of right now, but the original you.

You are a miracle. Really. You breath, you move, you smile, you think… continue your list of who you are. Maybe you have a beautiful voice, or a talent for writing or for putting people at ease. Please don’t be stingy on writing down your gifts!

Bragging on yourself can be difficult, but necessary. Ask friends and family what they love about you. “Everything” will most likely be a response, but ask if they can be a little more specific. Once you have your list, time for a new list.

What are the current circumstances? List all the “dirt.” (I promise I’m going somewhere.) Write down all the overwhelming, rocky things! Include health issues, work circumstances, and even things that may seem trivial. My list included “clothes that don’t fit, running out of chocolate and not having a good book to read.” Once your list is complete, review it. (Not to eliminate, but to see if you forgot anything.)

Place it predominantly in a location you frequent…by your computer, on your mirror, in your office. Remind yourself of these incredible gifts of yours as often as possible. Feel free to add to your list of awesomeness!

Till and cultivate… so to speak….d9949f_0b62d5d69b5d4c328984657ff7aa646a

Ya know that list with the dirt? You’re gonna hand it over.

At the top of your page write “Angel To-Do List.” By assigning this you are giving the task of correcting these issues to your Angel. (This includes releasing all of the stress attached!)

If you want to call in a specific angel when enlisting help, Archangel Jeremial is a wonderful choice! He specializes in healing the past and present so the future will be even better.

Fight the temptation to reclaim resolving your to-do list. Practice patience and faith. It may take some time because the timing isn’t right. There may also be a subtle nudge for you to take action. Trust your intuition and act. Or the situation may immediately be resolved thanks to divine intervention. No matter the direction, please be sure to thank your Angel for successfully handling this.


Affirmations help set the tone for your day and help ward off weeds (the negative self-talk).
Write empowering statements that will help you succeed. Words are impactful. Especially any that follow I am. Here are 3 to get you started.
I am talented, charged and ready to receive my heart’s desires.
All things are working out for my good. I am breathing in blessings and faith and exhaling doubt and fear.
I am full of energy, clarity and wisdom. I have all that is needed to create my success.

Stones help charge your desired outcome.
Rose Quartz – a beautiful pink stone for love: love of self, of others, of the universe.
Chrysanthemum Stone – this beautiful stone looks like a flower was etched into it, however, Mother Nature was the artist. This stone supports and encourages your dreams and talents.
Black Onyx – aids in perseverance, calms anxiety and transmutes negativity



Keep track of all the things going right. Tempting as it may be to look at the rocks and mountains, focus on your light. Note all of your thoughts and actions that you are doing right! Remember how you kept your cool. Jot down how you did a superb job complimenting others. Remember how you shared your smile. Focus on your gifts and you’ll be blooming taller and brighter than ever before!

If you need an extra boost for this month or anytime, please feel free to comment or contact me!

Mean People Suck

Think everyone wishes you well? Not always! Unfortunately, just like there are people that pray for you there are those that delight in bringing you down. Sometimes it’s obvious: mean texts, hateful hand gestures and sometimes it’s so subtle that you have no idea. Here are 3 easy steps to ward off evil and protect yourself.


The “Evil Eye,” a gaze or stare intended to invoke harm, has been known since Plato’s time. The above charms is one example of the talisman created to turn away and protect against the “evil eye.” Being a rock hound, I love using crystals too.

Three of my favorite stones are Smokey Quartz, Tiger Eye and Oregon Sunstone. Not only do all three protect against evil energy and intentions they also assist in transforming the directed negativity energy into positive energy. (Take that Meanies!)

Angels to the rescue! Before you slip out of bed, talk to angels like you do your parent or friend. “Hey! I could really use your help today!” Enlist your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael to help protect you physically, mentally and spiritually. After asking for their help, visualize their wings becoming translucent as they tenderly wrap around you. This will act as a shield and screen for your day. (Remember to say thank you.)

Animal Totem to be by your side! Enlist Armadillo to walk with you. Armadillo protects itself without causing harm to another. They have armor on their back and yet maintain a soft, vulnerable side. With a great sense of smell, Armadillo will show you when it’s safe to come out or if to stay rolled up because things just don’t smell right.

Trust your intuition. Protect yourself and know that it isn’t you. It’s them. Mean people suck.

Patience! STAT!

“Patience is a virtue.” Yeah, yeah, clearly those citing this are not currently going through something stressful, anxious or out of control! So what are you suppose to do to get through this difficult time? Here are 3 Simple and easy things to do!


1 – Moss Agate. This greenish stone helps aid in creating an energy of patience. Moss Agate encourages the wearer to feel tranquility and confidence in the natural flow of energy and timing. This shift works with the timing of all things and actually contributes to making things happen faster! Wear it in jewelry or loose in your pocket.

2 – Enlist Angels. Angels are great to ask to assist in this burden. Write down a list for Angels to handle. Item #1? Patience! Take a cleansing breath (Deep, long inhale through your nose, exhale out of your mouth). Affirm, “All is happening in the right time, in the right way. I am blessed and receiving all good things NOW. Peace is flowing through me d9949f_b8f3b8d9d1a9440fbefaa10c40d811dcand I am grateful!”

3 – Bobcat Energy. Call on Bobcat Animal Totem energy. Bobcats are known for creating a plan, adapting when plans go awry and needing to be reworked and most of all, exhibiting patience. Carry a photo in your pocket or in your mind. Every time you see this, take a cleansing breath, release the tension impatience creates and allow yourself to be purrrrfectly content.





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