Seeing Auras

Scientists describe an “Aura” as an energy field surrounding a living creature. Auras are often seen around trees, plants, animals and people. Auras reflect what the person is feeling and experiencing.


Seeing Auras.

Sometimes it’s difficult just seeing the street sign or reading a text message, and now I’m adding an aura! It’s actually easier than you realize. Think about times when you’ve experienced having a “sense” about someone. You realized they were in a bad mood before they even opened their mouth or you knew that girl had the “pregnant glow.” You’ve tapped in to their aura!

Sensing an aura is a great first step. Feel confident in your abilities. Next, look for color around the person’s shoulders and head. Allow your vision to look slightly fuzzy. (I squint some to have my vision blurry.) Relax. As you begin to see a whispy color, don’t question or doubt what you’re seeing. (Hint – it’s eaier to see with a solid, white background) Stay patient and keep trying! You’ll see it!

Colors will frequently coincide with a chakra – centers in our bodies which energy flows. The diagram below connects the color and meaning. Colors change around the person depending on what they’re going through. Colors around animals will shift too. Trees and flowers usually maintain the same color.


You can discover your own by looking into a mirror. Lowering the lights may make it happen sooner. Keep trying! You will soon be in awe over your own spectacular glow!
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to share your success!


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