Prosper Where You Are Planted…but what if it’s rocky, dark and bleak?


Sometimes conditions just don’t look great for prosperity. Huge debt, a horrible relationship or just finding yourself hanging in a pit. How can you prosper there? You can! And now’s the time to act. September is National Prosper Where You Are Planted Month

Remember your original soil. Not just the appearance of right now, but the original you.

You are a miracle. Really. You breath, you move, you smile, you think… continue your list of who you are. Maybe you have a beautiful voice, or a talent for writing or for putting people at ease. Please don’t be stingy on writing down your gifts!

Bragging on yourself can be difficult, but necessary. Ask friends and family what they love about you. “Everything” will most likely be a response, but ask if they can be a little more specific. Once you have your list, time for a new list.

What are the current circumstances? List all the “dirt.” (I promise I’m going somewhere.) Write down all the overwhelming, rocky things! Include health issues, work circumstances, and even things that may seem trivial. My list included “clothes that don’t fit, running out of chocolate and not having a good book to read.” Once your list is complete, review it. (Not to eliminate, but to see if you forgot anything.)

Place it predominantly in a location you frequent…by your computer, on your mirror, in your office. Remind yourself of these incredible gifts of yours as often as possible. Feel free to add to your list of awesomeness!

Till and cultivate… so to speak….d9949f_0b62d5d69b5d4c328984657ff7aa646a

Ya know that list with the dirt? You’re gonna hand it over.

At the top of your page write “Angel To-Do List.” By assigning this you are giving the task of correcting these issues to your Angel. (This includes releasing all of the stress attached!)

If you want to call in a specific angel when enlisting help, Archangel Jeremial is a wonderful choice! He specializes in healing the past and present so the future will be even better.

Fight the temptation to reclaim resolving your to-do list. Practice patience and faith. It may take some time because the timing isn’t right. There may also be a subtle nudge for you to take action. Trust your intuition and act. Or the situation may immediately be resolved thanks to divine intervention. No matter the direction, please be sure to thank your Angel for successfully handling this.


Affirmations help set the tone for your day and help ward off weeds (the negative self-talk).
Write empowering statements that will help you succeed. Words are impactful. Especially any that follow I am. Here are 3 to get you started.
I am talented, charged and ready to receive my heart’s desires.
All things are working out for my good. I am breathing in blessings and faith and exhaling doubt and fear.
I am full of energy, clarity and wisdom. I have all that is needed to create my success.

Stones help charge your desired outcome.
Rose Quartz – a beautiful pink stone for love: love of self, of others, of the universe.
Chrysanthemum Stone – this beautiful stone looks like a flower was etched into it, however, Mother Nature was the artist. This stone supports and encourages your dreams and talents.
Black Onyx – aids in perseverance, calms anxiety and transmutes negativity



Keep track of all the things going right. Tempting as it may be to look at the rocks and mountains, focus on your light. Note all of your thoughts and actions that you are doing right! Remember how you kept your cool. Jot down how you did a superb job complimenting others. Remember how you shared your smile. Focus on your gifts and you’ll be blooming taller and brighter than ever before!

If you need an extra boost for this month or anytime, please feel free to comment or contact me!


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