Mean People Suck

Think everyone wishes you well? Not always! Unfortunately, just like there are people that pray for you there are those that delight in bringing you down. Sometimes it’s obvious: mean texts, hateful hand gestures and sometimes it’s so subtle that you have no idea. Here are 3 easy steps to ward off evil and protect yourself.


The “Evil Eye,” a gaze or stare intended to invoke harm, has been known since Plato’s time. The above charms is one example of the talisman created to turn away and protect against the “evil eye.” Being a rock hound, I love using crystals too.

Three of my favorite stones are Smokey Quartz, Tiger Eye and Oregon Sunstone. Not only do all three protect against evil energy and intentions they also assist in transforming the directed negativity energy into positive energy. (Take that Meanies!)

Angels to the rescue! Before you slip out of bed, talk to angels like you do your parent or friend. “Hey! I could really use your help today!” Enlist your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael to help protect you physically, mentally and spiritually. After asking for their help, visualize their wings becoming translucent as they tenderly wrap around you. This will act as a shield and screen for your day. (Remember to say thank you.)

Animal Totem to be by your side! Enlist Armadillo to walk with you. Armadillo protects itself without causing harm to another. They have armor on their back and yet maintain a soft, vulnerable side. With a great sense of smell, Armadillo will show you when it’s safe to come out or if to stay rolled up because things just don’t smell right.

Trust your intuition. Protect yourself and know that it isn’t you. It’s them. Mean people suck.


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