Patience! STAT!

“Patience is a virtue.” Yeah, yeah, clearly those citing this are not currently going through something stressful, anxious or out of control! So what are you suppose to do to get through this difficult time? Here are 3 Simple and easy things to do!


1 – Moss Agate. This greenish stone helps aid in creating an energy of patience. Moss Agate encourages the wearer to feel tranquility and confidence in the natural flow of energy and timing. This shift works with the timing of all things and actually contributes to making things happen faster! Wear it in jewelry or loose in your pocket.

2 – Enlist Angels. Angels are great to ask to assist in this burden. Write down a list for Angels to handle. Item #1? Patience! Take a cleansing breath (Deep, long inhale through your nose, exhale out of your mouth). Affirm, “All is happening in the right time, in the right way. I am blessed and receiving all good things NOW. Peace is flowing through me d9949f_b8f3b8d9d1a9440fbefaa10c40d811dcand I am grateful!”

3 – Bobcat Energy. Call on Bobcat Animal Totem energy. Bobcats are known for creating a plan, adapting when plans go awry and needing to be reworked and most of all, exhibiting patience. Carry a photo in your pocket or in your mind. Every time you see this, take a cleansing breath, release the tension impatience creates and allow yourself to be purrrrfectly content.





Photo Copyright: ntesic91 / 123RF Stock Photo


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